How I Organize my Safelists to Grow My List

I’ve used safelists and traffic exchanges over the past years to grow my online business.  In January 2013 I joined Contact List Builder with Janet Legere and her training, resource recommendations, information and support brought many of the things I had learned about online marketing all together.

I began using safelists and te’s more consistently to grow my list and after joining several safelists I decided I needed a way to organize everything so I knew where I needed to surf for credits, where I was to mail to everyday and when they could be mailed to in the future.

I hope you find this video helpful.



You will need a large calendar.  I bought mine at Walmart but I’m sure they can be found just about anywhere.  You’ll need a three ring binder, hole puncher and a highlighter.  Most of you have a printer for your computer … for those that don’t you can used lined paper to write down the Safelist info.

When I join a Safelist I go straight to Profile, fill in my info and then print that page out.  It should have your username or ID # and your password.  Some do not show our password so just write it down.  Notate on that page any specifics about that Safelists like how many you mail too along with how many days.

Example :  Prospect Geyser Co-Op allows free members to use their Credit Mailer every 3 days … Gold Members are allowed to mail everyday. (PG Co-Op is part of Contact List Builder..see my PS below)

I keep all the Safelist info pages I print up in alphabetical order in my binder so I can access all info easily and quickly.

When you first start using this system you will write the Safelist name on the calendar day you are mailing.  Then look to see when you can mail next and go to that day on the calendar and write the name in.  If you used all your credits in that mailing or getting low then circle that safelist name so you remember to get some surfing in before the next mailing.  I also notate the time I mailed so I don’t waste my time logging into that account before I’m allowed to mail next.

So to sum it up:

*Print up your Safelist Profile page with username, password, how often you can mail and place in alphabetical order in your binder or a folder.

*Notate on your calendar when you will mail next and whether you need to surf or click for credits for the next mailing by placing a circle around the program name.

*Highlight each safelist program when you’ve mailed to it.

I hope this video and information is helpful to you.  You can let me know in the comment section below.


Peace & Prosperity,

Barbara Arbster

PS..  Have fun !  :-)


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